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We want not only to design a new type of city but also to try to answer the question “What will be the future?”


Because Futuropolis is not about only technologies, power sources, transport, or architecture of the future.


We forecast that there will happen much deeper changes.


The people themselves will change, as well as their worldview, way of thinking, motivation, and purpose of life will do. Their everyday activities, daily routine, relationship with the living and nonliving nature will also be changing.


We want Futuropolis to become a living space for a Man of the Future.


We are seeking to build a city in which architecture will serve as a cover for people of a new level of quality, social relations, and both organizational and economic model.


A city where love for people is a basic value and principle of the future. A city that would have been built with love. It should ensure the most comfortable conditions for life and creative self-realization for every person. The main idea is not innovations in themselves bringing new technologies, infrastructure, vehicles, and public areas, but the way how they make people happy.


Futuropolis should create a space full of harmony where the people could feel conveniently and merry. At the same time, the city should impress with its futuristic, bright, and extraordinary look. It must be beautiful thanks to all of its diversity of buildings, forms, solutions, places, and environments.


The Futuropolis Project must ensure contact between humans and nature, representing a kind of ecosystem. It also must be capable to minimize its climatic influence on the life of people.


We plan to realize the Futuropolis project in Ukraine on the territory of ancient Cucuteni-Trypillia culture, right in the center of Europe, on the bank of a big river.


But the ideas of Futuropolis, new city life planning, design, and organizing approaches have to be scalable and expandable to new places not only within Ukraine but also in the whole world.


We believe Futuropolis will become an oasis of realized dreams. And we would like to invite you to be a co-creator of our future!

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