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The future requires a human on a new level of quality. There is a need to transform people’s worldview, way of thinking, motivation, and values. Because worldview is a thing responsible for contemporary crises. That’s why Albert Einstein thought that “it’s impossible to solve a problem on the same level of thinking on which it has been created.”

But by changing our thinking, we can change everything and create the future!

We believe, and many studies confirm it, that love can make people show their best qualities. Love can form a space for development, creativity, harmony, and happiness. Love can change people and create a new civilization model.


Therefore, the essential value of Futuropolis is love. It is a city of the future built with love for people in order to develop their potentials and establish the conditions for their happiness.


“Love for themselves” will help people learn themselves and change their thinking to grow and mature mentally. Learning how to love will speed up the approaching of a holistic worldview and a new sense of commonweal.

“Love for people” will allow to create an atmosphere of empathy in the society, implement a win-win social model, and realize the Blue Ocean Strategy. Love will guarantee a comfortable and secure medium of social relations where every citizen of Futuropolis will be able to realize him- or herself and get support.


“Love for the world” will make people not only responsible for nature and the future but also evoke a new passion for learning and improving the world around them. It won’t be a consumption object anymore. It’ll become a medium that people learn, improve, and develop.


In Futuropolis, people will develop not only their intelligence and emotional intelligence but also their ability to love.


The love quotient (LQ), along with IQ and EQ, will be one of the main parameters of people's development.


Martin Luther King Jr once said: "We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love. And when we do that, we will make of this old world a new world, for love is the only way. So we can make people better.”

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