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Love for people as a fundamental principle will allow the implementation of several social innovations in Futuropolis which will entirely change the life of citizens making it easier, joyful, and happy.

There will be created a new educational system based on love. It won't cram children with piecewise knowledge, oppress, or hurt them. Instead of it, the educational system will develop their personality and talents and teach children how to interact with the world. The duration of school education will reduce, teenagers at the age of 14-15 will participate in social life and realize their own projects.


There will be launched the New Enlightenment system, a system of continuous personal development allowing the education, self-development, self-realization, and achieving the dreams at any age.


The citizens of Futuropolis will be free of poverty, dependence on money, and fear of uncertain tomorrow. People will be on a new level of freedom. It could be possible thanks to the Universal basic income (UBI), a monthly amount of money that is enough to cover all the basic needs of every human, paid to every citizen of Futuropolis The UBI will be paid to everyone with no regard to that if you work or not. It will be the financial security of people’s right to life and self-development.


By getting free of poverty, pursuing a motive of self-realization, the people will more likely choose a job “as their hearth commands”, according to their interests and dreams, creativity, and self-development. “Work for money” will be not demanded anymore or be done by robots. So, Futuropolis is all about testing the changes in the labor market that will happen within the next few years around the globe because of automation and artificial intelligence.


Futuropolis will support all the ways of communication and cooperation between the people united in groups, organizations, and projects. Many city development issues will be solved by citizens on their own soon thanks to their self-organization and self-government Global use of blockchain technology and tools of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) will make Futuropolis a “community cause“ of its habitants.


Moreover, there will be applied the Metarchy, a digital government system, that allows every citizen to influence the city life depending on their contribution to its development. Municipal finances, strategizing, and voting – all this will be performed and showed publicly, online, and live by the participation of all city habitants.

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