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Futuropolis is designed to be a test platform for innovations and its citizens will participate in various experiments influencing the approaching of progress.


Our first city in Ukraine is designed to gather IT specialists, startup incubators, product companies, material testing labs, and biomedical enterprises. After scaling Futuropolis, each next city of the future will have a technical specialization. there is already a planned development of more futuropolises specialized in researches in the field of space and energy.


In Futuropolis, there will be no internal combustion engine vehicles at all. CO2 emissions have to be minimized drastically. However, the city must be an active oxygen generator due to green zones, planting of greenery on buildings, and innovative solutions.


Its transport system must be in form of decentralized underground transport infrastructure and electrical automated vehicles for public use. The existence of private cars in Futuropolis is not planned. There also has to be an infrastructure for traveling through the city with bikes, segway transporters, and other electrical microvehicles.


Futuropolis must supply itself with renewable electric energy using modern scientific breakthroughs in the area of energy conservation.


There is planned a total application of IoT (Internet of Things) to automate the daily routine, municipal services, logistics, transport, and other areas of life. Artificial intelligence and robots must free people from routine and give them time to self-learning, self-development, and creative work.


At the same time, technologies must improve the quality and duration of people's lives thanks to the implementation of virtual medicine, online health monitoring, and other biomedical innovations.


We forecast that 3D printing and decentralization of material production will be popular in Futuropolis. Every citizen of Futuropolis will be able not only to create their own life but also things surrounding them. The personal and industrial 3D printers in every house will likely let people achieve their most ambitious dreams.


Futuropolis has to be a high-tech city of the future, contribute to the development and scientific researches, and implement them in everyday activities. But humans should not be an attachment to high technologies. In Futuropolis, technologies will be a resource for the transformation and future evolution of humans.

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