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Transformation of thinking will inevitably lead to the change of economic relations in Futuropolis.

The contribution to the community development and dream achievement as well as involvement in the community cause will be more important than profit, earnings, or savings. Crowdfunding and crowdinvesting will be more common because people will realize their projects and achieve goals together combining their money and resources. At the same time, any brave and noble idea will have a chance to realization thanks to instruments of general support.

Even the tax payment to maintain Futuropolis will be innovative. The citizens will be able to vote with their money for one or another city development project and get city tokens for that. The instruments like blockchain, tokenization, and ICO will be effective means of public money distribution and use.

In Futuropolis, any restriction of the right to exclusive use of the private property will be encouraged. More important here will be not the ownership itself but the use of the property for the commonweal. For this, Futuropolis will support sharing, common use of property: transport, tools, and homes.

In the city of the future, there will be launched a local cryptocurrency with demurrage based on the ideas of Silvio Gesell. A feature of this local money will be its quality as a good means of mutual payments but not of wealth accumulation, savings, and speculative transactions. A local currency will allow increasing the economic growth of both Futuropolis and the whole region in a short time. At the same moment, the demurrage will accelerate the turn-over of capital in the economy positively impacting the lives of people. The UBI will be paid in the local cryptocurrency to all citizens of Futuropolis.


We forecast that the realization of this demurrage local cryptocurrency experiment in Futuropolis could cause the transformation of the nature of money and create a new balanced economic order. It will be scalable outside of Futuropolis because it’s impossible to create a world of the future not changing the nature of money.

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